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Can I change the accuracy of the cam indexer with a servo or stepper motor?parallel cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-06-25 19:44:38
The main reason for using the servo motor or stepping motor as the driving source design is that these types of motors have higher precision, and the electronic control and selection are more convenient. Then, using a servo or stepper motor to drive the cam indexer has no effect on the accuracy of the indexer, can it make the accuracy of the indexer and the entire automation system more precise?
parallel cam indexer
We know that the stepping and servo motor mainly control the rotation angle by the control pulse. The servo motor controls the rotation time to realize the rotation angle control, and the stepping motor controls the number of the pulse to control the rotation angle. Corresponds to a step angle. The accuracy of these two types of motors is higher than that of ordinary geared motors. Therefore, it is common sense to use servo and stepping to drive the indexer, which may increase the accuracy of the use of the cam indexer. This is a completely wrong view.
The precision of the cam indexer comes from the special structure of the cam face cam. The input cam rib position of the indexer and the roller of the output turret are engaged and divided. The mechanical action is a fixed mechanical cycle, and the input shaft and the input cam continuously rotate. The output shaft is used for intermittent output. The completion of a complete set of mechanical actions is the result of the mechanical structure fixed by the indexer itself combined with the mechanical action. Therefore, the indexer maintains its mechanicality in terms of mechanical motion and mechanical precision. . In this case, any drive source will have no effect on it, including station, accuracy, drive angle, and so on.
Therefore, we say that the choice of the drive source of the cam indexer can be fully achieved with ordinary gear reducer motors. This is the reason, mainly from the perspective of cost, using servo motors or stepper motors to drive intermittent motion. The indexer may be a bit overkill, but if you use a 360-degree drive angle indexer, Li'an Printing engineers recommend using both types of motors.