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Cam indexing drive installation method

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Update time : 2019-04-16 20:06:47
The cam indexing drive, also known as the intermittent splitter, has a relatively simple structure. However, due to its high precision and high precision, the installation work before use is more important. It must be strictly in accordance with the instructions by professional technicians. The requirements on the above.
 Before the factory, the cam indexing drive will have a detailed instruction manual with the product. There are instructions on the installation of the cam indexing drive. The installation work must be completed by a professional engineer. After reading the manual, install the cam indexing drive. For the cam indexing drive which is relatively large in size and heavy in itself, consider using the relevant professional equipment. During the process of moving and moving the equipment, be careful not to rude work, especially pay attention to the cam. The oil mirror and the shaft surface of the splitter should not cause damage and oil leakage. The cam indexing drive is a high-precision product, so during the installation process, collisions and severe drops will cause slight changes in its accuracy.
In addition, when the cam indexing drive is installed, check whether the surface of the equipment is damaged or leaking. Check if there is sufficient oil level from the oil mirror. The required type is confirmed. The required peripheral parts must be installed in advance, and all the confirmations are completed. After installation, the fastening screws need to be tightened with a gasket, and the diagonal wire is fastened, and it must be strictly calibrated before use before it can be put into use.
   During the installation process, the installation method is determined according to the use of the drive source and the connection device of the output shaft. Pay attention to the adjustment of the gap for the installation of the chain and the belt. When the splitter is fixed, ensure that the input shaft and the output shaft rotate smoothly.
   Because the cam indexing drive is a professional transmission member, the user must strictly follow the requirements during the internal installation or disassembly of the machine. If maintenance or repair is required, the adjustment and disassembly cannot be performed without authorization. So as not to cause many adverse effects on the product itself, or affect its service life and quality performance.