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Cam indexing drive installation method

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Update time : 2019-04-10 20:45:08
The cam indexing drive is a simple mechanical component for most engineers. This statement is correct, but the simplicity does not mean the casualness during installation and use. On the contrary, the cam indexer is installed and used. The point of attention is very critical, because of its own high precision, a slight mismatch will give production and technical parameters Causes deviations and fails to meet the demand results.
First, the choice of model, the installation of the cam indexer must first confirm the model of the component, this has been confirmed before the selection, and the manufacturer's instructions for use should be read in detail, by professional engineering and technical personnel to install And commissioning. Each type of mechanism has its own torque load limit. Use the formula in the corresponding catalogue to calculate the torque load and choose the appropriate model. This is the knowledge you must know before installation.
Second, the installation of the input shaft and the output shaft, the fixing method: the transmission parts, such as the coupling, the pulley, the sprocket and the circular turret are fixed as follows: 1. fixed spanner 2. fixed pin 3. fixed flange surface. Care must be taken during installation: if fixed pins are used, care should be taken to ensure that there are no gaps between the pins, as larger gaps will cause differences in the fit and will also cause gaps and offsets during use, if installed in the drive shaft drive, if The input shaft cannot rotate smoothly, then the torque will be overloaded, the machine will vibrate and produce noise, and then the fault will occur. The reduction drive engine is connected to the spiral reduction drive engine, there is a slight gap phenomenon, and the synchronous belt and the synchronous wheel are also used, and there are also gaps. These belts are used for the transmission of the reduction transmission engine, and the tightness thereof is Pay attention during the debugging process.
cam indexing drive
3. Overload protection mechanism, overload protection device is required for all cam indexer products. Generally, torque limiters are added. To avoid accidents and damage to the mechanism and increase its safety, it is necessary to install overload protection. mechanism. When installing the safety mechanism, the torque of the mechanism must be set to an appropriate value, and the installation mechanism behind the output shaft can protect the body.
Fourth, the maintenance of the cam indexing drive, maintenance The first time the lubricant is replaced after the device has been working for 500-1000 hours (2-4 months). Any machine must be firstly serviced after the specified time of initial use. It is not right for some manufacturers to pay attention to this when using it. Because the new mechanism will produce shredders, metal powder and other debris during the running-in and long-term operation. It has a bad influence on the machine, so no matter what the conditions of use, any lubricating oil will reduce its lubricating effect, so it is necessary to do regular oil change maintenance work.