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Cam indexer working principle

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Update time : 2019-04-18 20:28:13
The indexer is a transmission mechanism with intermittent motion function. The main structure includes the input shaft, indexing cam, output turret, cam roller and so on.
  When the indexer is in motion, the input shaft rotates, and the index cam on the input shaft rotates to drive the cam roller engaged with the cam roller, the cam roller and the output turret and the output shaft are integrated, and the output turret drives the output. The axis implements the split motion. This state is also called the split motion state.
  According to the choice of the driving angle, when the cam roller splitting drive ends, the balance between the rib and the cam is in a static state. In this case, no rotational motion is generated, which is customarily called a stationary region.
  From the above description, it can be seen that in the intermittent movement of the indexer, the cam roller belongs to the driven body, and the number of cam rollers is consistent with the number of the working positions of the indexer, and the cam indexer is due to the input cam surface The smooth curved structure, and the driven roller is also composed of a plurality of bearings. This smooth curved surface and the rolling bearing for the transmission are more favorable for the transmission, so the kinetic energy loss of the transmission by the convex indexer is also small.
  Based on the transmission characteristics of the cam indexer, the processing requirements for the component parts are very strict, which is also the essential difference between the quality of the indexer. Many engineers and technicians in the process of product selection think that the brand or quality is for the product. It is not important in itself. This is a wrong view. The quality of the products produced is different due to the difference in materials and processing machinery. For precision, the precision of the products may be used to meet the requirements of use. In the process of long-term use, the effect will be highlighted, and the life of the indexer product is the verification of the quality of the final product. This argument is quite reasonable. Due to the rough processing of the cam, or the related problems such as the installation of the cam roller, the influence of the accuracy of the product will appear in the later use.