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Cam indexer use-indexer positioning time control method

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Update time : 2019-04-29 20:38:07
Intermittent operation is the mechanical movement that cam indexers often use in automation design, such as disc-type multi-station rotary platform, pipeline-type transmission platform, indexer from stop to motion, and from motion to stop. The cycle of motion, then in practical applications, especially in the automation design, how to effectively control the cam indexer?
Firstly, the method of driving the source plus the motor governor can be adopted, and the governor issues a command to control the rotational speed of the motor, thereby realizing the positioning time control of the cam indexer.
PLC controllers are used in most automation control systems. This makes it easy to control the indexer through the PLC. Signal cams and photoelectric sensors can be mounted on the input shaft of the cam indexer. The PLC program performs the control command to adjust the speed of the drive motor to achieve the purpose of positioning and controlling the cam indexer.
In some automation systems, the speed is constant. Then, the speed ratio needs to be calculated. This method requires very accurate calculation of the mechanical parameters, and some deviations will be re-adjusted. At the same time, for the use of the indexer. This method is not recommended. If necessary, the motor needs to be equipped with a clutch and the indexer is equipped with a torque limiter.
The above methods can realize the positioning control of the cam indexer. In actual operation, it can be adopted according to the design situation of the automation system, and I hope to help everyone.