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Cam indexer price determinant

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Update time : 2019-04-25 20:29:20
  With the wide use of cam indexer products in the automation industry, more and more manufacturers are participating in the competition of the indexer market. In the context of fierce price wars, how to choose a high price and professional perspective Cost-effective indexer, there are certain difficulties, then, Xiaobian here to give you a general analysis from a professional point of view, I hope to be able to find the right and suitable indexer products in a wide range of products. In the procurement process, when we are making product selection, the primary concern is the price of the product. So, what are the determinants of the price of the indexer?
  The cam indexer is a device that is converted from a continuous input drive to an intermittent output. This rotary mechanical drive is performed by a cam rotary splitting action with a complex sinusoidal curved surface, from a mechanical point of view, due to the mechanical Spare parts will be the product itself
Accuracy and accuracy of use have an impact, then the factor to ensure product accuracy is first of all the material, and the choice of different materials, there is a large price difference. The material used in the cam needs to reach a certain hardness to increase the wear resistance of the product, thus ensuring the service life of the indexer. Especially for the selection of cam materials, most manufacturers use titanium materials with high hardness and wear resistance, and the price difference between domestic titanium materials and imported titanium is large. This is the difference between the imported materials and the domestic materials.
  In the internal structure of the cam indexer, the bearing is also a relatively important component, and in the rotary transmission process, the wear resistance of the bearing is also very high, from the perspective of accuracy and service life, such as the TIMKEN brand bearing in the United States. The continuous operation life can reach 80,000 hours. Such technology is still not available in our country for the time being. Of course, its price is also very expensive, which is several times or several times more expensive than the domestic bearing price.
  The internal components of the cam indexer include a box body, a power output shaft, a cam roller, a power input shaft, an indexing cam, etc., and the structure thereof is relatively simple as a whole, but since the mechanical joint has many internal joint points, The processing precision requirements are very strict. Therefore, when it comes to the processing equipment of components, it has to be said that the processing technology level of China's machining industry has made great progress in recent decades, and it can be used in the production of processing machinery. Compared with the international advanced level, there is still a certain gap, especially in the production of high-precision processing machinery. Related to the production machinery is the measuring machine, the precision of machining is controlled by high-precision measurement, so the adoption of measuring equipment is closely related to the precision guarantee. The processing equipment described above uses the processing cost, because another factor of price comes from the processing cost.
  Another decisive factor in product price is the input of technology. The technology covered by the cam indexer reflects the exquisite processing technology of the engineering team from the selection, design and processing of the product, such as the selection of products. In the initial stage, the matching degree of product technical parameters is a calculation process of professional technical parameters and experience. Because there are many parameters involved in the calculation, the number of divisions, the driving angle, the number of revolutions of the input and output shaft, the diameter of the disc, and the thickness. , material, fixture weight, workpiece weight, center distance, etc. These parameters, even if calculated by professional engineers, are valid data obtained through a combination of theoretical data and actual processing experience, because selection means products. The degree of matching also determines the key to product prices.
  In the assembly process of the cam indexer, in order to achieve the required precision of use, the assembly between the components must achieve better mechanical assembly performance, including heat and heat generated during the use of friction and transmission between the internal components. Expansion and contraction will cause deviations in the matching gap, which will affect the use of precision. Therefore, in the selection of materials, in addition to the factors to be considered in the selection of raw materials mentioned above, a comprehensive evaluation of the overall components is required. It is required that the coefficient of thermal expansion of each component be consistent or similar, so that it will not cause excessive deviation due to heat generation of the product during use.
  The production, processing and use of machinery is an eternal topic. The cam indexer is also the same. Due to the continuous advancement of automated production technology in recent years, people are increasingly demanding product innovation and technology, like the class of indexers. The products are the same. Other similar products that can realize intermittent operation, such as DD motors, have also entered this market. Compared with the indexer, the direct drive motor has certain advantages in terms of accuracy, flexibility and appearance. However, in terms of low cost, high torque, wide diameter, heavy load, and stability, a cam indexer with intermittent swing function is currently irreplaceable.