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Cam indexer precision _ cam indexer use adjustment method

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Update time : 2019-04-03 21:46:42
How to adjust the accuracy of the cam indexer before use? This problem affects the impact on the accuracy parameters during the operation of the mechanism, and even affects the life of the cam indexer. Xiaobian today makes a detailed analysis for the big one. Before the factory, the cam indexer will pass the precise combination of the engineering and technical department of the manufacturer. Therefore, it is recommended not to disassemble the original structure of the cam indexer before use and during use. In the course of use, if necessary, Disassemble and maintain by professional engineers or manufacturer technicians.
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The requirements that the manufacturer needs to adjust before use are as follows:
1. The cam indexer is a high-precision drive component, so it must be combined with the motor of the specified specification, and the output shaft disc must be connected with the parts to be processed. Check the gap at the connection key before connecting. It is necessary to measure the levelness and verticality of the relevant components.
2. Inspection of the transmission device, the test machine process should ensure the tightness of the transmission device, such as timing belt and chain, and regularly check the wear of the conveyor belt and the chain. If the belt or chain is found to be worn out, it indicates the installation adjustment. There are deviations in the way. In the operation of the entire combination mechanism, the sound emitted should also be paid attention to in time. For excessive noise, or a strong metal friction sound, it is necessary to stop the detailed inspection.
3. The fixing of each component should also be checked regularly, because even in smooth operation, high-frequency mechanical action will cause looseness of the local screws, which will affect the processing parameters and the life of the product itself.