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Auxiliary accessories for use in cam indexers

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Update time : 2019-04-21 19:26:03
After the cam indexer has been technically selecte and processed, in the process of installing with the power source and the driven device, it is necessary to add some auxiliary accessories according to the actual situation to complete the operation of the whole transmission system. The following is to use the non-direct drive. When the ordinary gear reduction motor is the driving source, the accessories used in the flange type cam divider installation process are briefly introduced.
1. The connecting plate is used for connecting the cam indexer with the driving motor. Firstly, the driving motor end is fixed, and the fastening screw needs to be equipped with a locking washer. In order to facilitate the installation of the subsequent components, the cam indexer end is temporarily not fixed.
2. Synchronous wheel and timing belt are used for the driving medium between the cam indexer and the motor. Since the synchronous transmission is beneficial to the precision control, when the installation is performed, the timing belt should be moderately tight, the synchronous wheel and the motor drive. The shaft and the synchronous wheel are tightly connected with the input shaft of the cam indexer. Pay attention to tightening the screw back to prevent loose connection between the synchronous wheel and the drive shaft. During the adjustment of the synchronous wheel and the timing belt, at the same time, the cam indexer mounting screws are sturdy.
3. Signal cam, the function of the signal cam is mainly to control the movement of the input shaft of the splitter. The opening angle of the signal cam is consistent with the dynamic stop angle of the cam indexer. In general, the signal cam is mounted on the cam indexer. Enter the other side of the axis. In the case where the input shaft is rotated, a control signal is transmitted in combination with the inductor.
4. The photoelectric sensor uses the principle of light perception to transmit signals. During the rotation of the signal cam, the light senses the opening and the closed mouth to sense the transmission of the stop signal.
5. Torque limiter, in some transmission systems, it is also necessary to install a torque limiter. When an overload fault occurs (torque exceeds the set value), the torque limiter will be separated, thus effectively protecting the cam indexer and drive. Motor.
The above simply enumerates the relevant accessories used in the installation process of the cam indexer. For the customer manufacturers with special requirements, other accessories are added according to the actual demand.