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Why is the origin of the indexing table offset?

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Update time : 2019-09-20 21:16:16
Some customers and friends in the process of using the splitter, the phenomenon of origin deviation will occur, the specific solution Xiaobian here for everyone to briefly summarize.
indexing table
During the operation of the indexing table, its working principle is that the input cam drives the output turret to make continuous or intermittent motion. The cam and the needle bearing make linear motion and make contact with the surface, although it is moving in a rolling manner. There is a certain degree of wear, which affects the offset of the positioning origin when a gap occurs. The method of adjusting the distance between the input shaft and the output shaft can be adjusted.
The displacement of the sensing system and the delay of the sensing signal may also cause the origin of the intermittent motion to shift or shift due to system vibration, loose screws, and delay of the sensing signal. Relevant inspections of the sensing system can be performed to troubleshoot and test the problem points.
The screw at the connection of the system device is loose. This kind of situation occurs less frequently, and it is also the cause of the origin offset. The fastening screws of each connection point of the system can be inspected and locked.
The breakage of the cam curve will also cause the offset of the origin of the splitter. In intermittent motion, especially in high-speed operating conditions, the indexing mechanism will generate vibration and shock at the "crossing point" of the acceleration section and the deceleration section. The nonlinear vibration and noise of the system will also cause damage at the same time. This situation will result in the offset of the card machine or the origin. The method adopted is only sent to the factory for maintenance.