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Which cam indexers work better with the motors in the automation industry?

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Update time : 2019-03-18 21:35:47
The cam indexer is a component of the automation equipment. It needs to be assembled and matched with other spare parts before it can be put into use. The motor is one of the spare parts. What kind of motor has better effect with the cam indexer? The problem is also a concern of engineers of various demand manufacturers.

  The motor that cooperates with the cam indexer is more commonly used in the market, and it is also more demanded. Compared with other types, the cost is also low, and it is a miniature geared motor. Compared with other motors, the accuracy of this kind of motor is relatively loose, the speed of segmentation is not high, and the price is relatively low in the market, which is the choice of most manufacturers.
  The other two types of motors are stepper motors and servo motors. The accuracy and speed of these motors are applied to high-precision machines. The advantages of these two types of drives are that they start and stop faster, and the accuracy is compared. High, in the high-precision industry, only such motors can achieve the effect of use. Moreover, due to the precision of workmanship, processing equipment, technical team, and import of raw materials, the products that are favored on the market, even so, these cam indexers have their own shortcomings, such as stepper motors. In the process of using, there will be a phenomenon of signal loss, which is also a fatal flaw, because the loss of the signal will directly lead to inaccurate positioning of the cam indexer. Another reason is that its driving torque is small, and its performance is not as good as that of a gear reducer when the heavy load is above 100KG.