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What is the pressure angle of the indexing ring? 

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Update time : 2019-09-29 23:22:13
   Each point of the indexing ring can be a pressure angle. If the pressure angle of a single indexing ring is generally referred to as the maximum pressure angle, without considering any frictional force and inertial force, It is the acute angle of the indexing ring in the direction of the force point.
 indexing ring
For example: a clockwise indexing ring should have a pressure angle of 0° when rotated clockwise.
The difference between the pressure angle and the transmission angle, the pressure angle is the angle between the direction of motion and the direction of the force point, and the transmission angle is the angle between the direction of the force and the normal direction of motion. The larger the pressure angle, the transmission angle The smaller the pressure angle, the lower the efficiency of the splitter manufacturer indexing ring. The two are complementary. When the splitter manufacturer designs the indexing ring, it is necessary to consider this factor. Otherwise, the input force needs to be too large, and the indexing ring box is also required to be larger. The product will not meet the requirements.