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Two details to pay attention to when selecting a cam indexer Selection of cam indexing drive

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Update time : 2020-02-01 19:56:49
    The cam indexer has no effect, many people often complain, and have not seen any significant changes. Some people still get the result that the cam indexer has no effect. However, is it really this form at all? The conclusion is of course negative, because the numerous successful cases have fully demonstrated the difficulties.
Selection of cam indexing drive
So, why can some be successful, but some have no effect? ​​The reason is actually very simple. The success is not because of how good the cam indexer is, it has not achieved the expected results, nor is it the wrong technique. ; What causes the difference in effect is often in the details. It is the so-called details that determine success or failure. It is very easy to achieve success by making every detail, otherwise it will not achieve the expected results, especially the next two important things.
First, the continuity of the cam indexer
Nothing will happen overnight, which requires initial running-in and adjustment, mid-term operation, and later maintenance. However, when producing cam indexers, very few people can notice this.
Clarity of effect requirements
The effect is different, the corresponding cam indexer is also different. Therefore, clarifying your own needs is related to the effective selection of cam indexers and the matching of accessories.
The cam indexer needs to be adjusted by itself. If the quality is not high, it indicates that the ideal effect can be achieved. Success or failure depends on how well the details are done.