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How to deal with the rotary cam indexer when it fails

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Update time : 2020-03-24 17:27:01

Turntable cam indexer is an indispensable machine for automation equipment. It makes an indelible contribution to the upgrading of industrial structure and industrial automation. Of course, this transmission mechanical equipment has also gained a lot of popularity. Its existence is so important. We How to ensure that it does not fail or rarely fails? What should the user of a cylindrical indexer do after a failure? There are many parts of the cylindrical indexer, and the accuracy is not easy to adjust. Therefore, it must be adjusted, disassembled and assembled carefully before use. If the mounting surface is damaged, use stone to repair it.
Find out the correct position of the input shaft and output shaft, and then fill the positioning pins, the screws must be tightened evenly; the machine needs to withstand the pulsating load force, it must be very strong when installed; cam damage, if in the rotary cam indexer If the damage of the cam is minor, it can still be used, but its axial position cannot be adjusted without permission. If there is irrecoverable damage, it can no longer be used. You can replace the cam; if the needle in the cylindrical indexer wheel The bearing is damaged, and the output split shaft needs to be taken out to replace the needle bearing.
There are two ways to replace the needle bearing. One of them is to loosen the output sleeve first, and then take out the output shaft. After that, you cannot loosen the gland at the rear end. This is done so as not to change the axial position. It is simple to troubleshoot the rotary cam indexer, but it is difficult to prevent the machine from malfunctioning. We can reduce the frequency of failure through normal maintenance. Therefore, we hope that everyone will pay attention to maintaining the cylindrical indexer.