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The difference between the servo indexer and the stepper motor for the cam indexer    

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Update time : 2019-09-23 17:47:30
Most of the application of the cam indexer is that it has the function of intermittent motion function, but there are also some applications that use the indexer to continuously rotate the performance, stop at any point, and use the cam indexer as a reducer. In this case, Most of them use servo or stepping to drive to achieve the stop function at any point. So, what is the difference between the servo and stepping used by the indexer?
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1. Torque, stepper motor and servo are the same, with the same torque, and some servo motors have larger frame sizes. Servo motors can establish torque peak ratings over time, set more flexible speed profiles, and higher performance, but an appropriately sized stepper motor can help you achieve better cost savings than servos.
2. In terms of application, the stepper motor has a slight advantage from the stability of the shutdown. Because the servo motor produces a slight swing when it is at rest. However, in the vertical application of the machine, the servo motor is a better choice, because in the case of load, it will overcome the shortcomings of the servo, and the system will run smoothly. However, the application of the indexer involves some applications of visual system positioning. The motor should be the most suitable choice.
3. By definition, what we mean by "servo" is a term for an electric motor applied to a closed loop system. Stepper motors can be optimized for use. Functions and features like servo motors have lower stepping costs. In high-speed indexer applications, servos are more likely to be selecte.
4. Acceleration, stepper motors are not as flexible as servo motors. Stepper motors require more power when accelerating.
5. Manufacturers of stepper motors and servo motors are usually available in the required size. The size mentioned here is the length of the motor. In a fixed length, it achieves more functions, servo and stepping.
6. Whether it is a stepper motor or a servo motor, the larger the current, the greater the torque. The advantage of a stepper motor in this respect is the amount of variation that can be produced at a safe voltage. Stepping, like servo, enables speeds in other different transmissions.
The above is a small version of the difference between the application of servo motor and stepper motor in the indexer, I hope to communicate and learn with the experts in the industry.