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The difference between the indexer and the splitter

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Update time : 2019-05-28 20:14:32
What is the indexer, is it different from the splitter? Strictly speaking, it is the splitter, also called the cam splitter, the intermittent splitter. So it is called the indexer. People call the product differently.
Is there a difference between the indexer and the splitter?
The indexer also has the name of the angle splitter, mainly for the output shaft of the splitter. In general, the output shaft of the indexer drives the disc machine to rotate in a circular motion, and a center point, in a 360-degree rotation period, For the needs of machining and production, it is necessary to make intermittent stop at a certain angle, and the angle of each stop is the angular angle we call, for example, two stops, that is, two stations. Then, the indexing angle is 180 degrees, and the movement stops 8 times, which is the 8-station divider, then the indexing angle is 45 degrees. So the concept of indexing should be mainly for the cam splitter, which is the output shaft of the indexer.
The rotary mechanical movement is expressed by the angle system. When the dynamic stop distance of the rotary pause is realized, the degree, the minute and the second are used. The principle of the indexing is also derived from this. The indexer also has the argument of the indexing plate. We know that the indexing plate is mainly used in CNC machines. In principle, the principle of the indexing plate and the indexing device are the same, but for the splitter, in the case of fixed angle indexing, the angle of the indexing cannot be Changed, and if the drive angle is 360 degrees, it can be rotated at any angle. Most of the indexing functions used in CNC machines are rotated at any angle, and the function of the servo motor at any angle is used.