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The difference between cam indexer and Direct drive motor

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Update time : 2019-04-13 20:11:25
From the market point of view, most of the driving sources of cam indexers are ordinary gear reduction motors, stepping motors, servo motors, etc. The development of technology, the technical demand for machinery is getting higher and higher, most engineers choose products. In the process of type, you will encounter confusion. Is it directly to choose the Direct drive motor or the assembly of the cam indexer and the drive motor? Xiaobian today tells the difference between the two transmission machines.
  From the perspective of accuracy, the Direct drive motor is dominant. It is mostly connected directly to the drive equipment, which reduces the positioning error caused by the mechanical structure. Compared with the cam indexer, it reduces the friction caused by the mechanical structure. In terms of size error, the Direct drive motor is equipped with a high-resolution encoder, so its accuracy can be one level higher than the normal servo. For cam indexers, some products can achieve the same accuracy, which requires the manufacturer to control the accuracy when selecting the splitter. The accuracy of the cam indexer produced by most non-standard splitter manufacturers cannot reach 0.002mm. Therefore, if the cam indexer is used for matching, it should be given priority in terms of brand.
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Energy saving
  Since the advantage of DD direct connection is not achieved by the splitter, if it is energy-saving, the cam indexer is incomparable, because any splitter must require a power source, and the increase of the mechanical operation link means Increased friction.
  Under the premise of light load, Direct drive motor has certain advantages in the use of Direct drive motor and cam indexer, but in the case of heavy load and high speed, the stability and applicability of cam indexer is better than Direct drive motor.
Life and cost
  Life and cost are the main considerations for customers, because a Direct drive motor with the same accuracy and performance is several times or even dozens of times more expensive than the cam indexer that the motor is equipped with. The main reason for most of the cam indexer transmission is that the energy consumption of the cam indexer due to the friction of the supporting transmission mechanism is much lower than the cost of the Direct drive motor. Therefore, when the Direct drive motor and the splitter are select, the whole is performed. It is wise to decide the use of the cost after the calculation. In terms of the life of the product, the current brand cam indexer has a service life of more than ten years, and the service life of the Direct drive motor is less than ten years. This is also the shortcoming of the direct drive motor.
  In short, the choice of cam indexer and Direct drive motor should be based on the actual production needs of each manufacturer, combined with the company's own situation, the reason for the adoption of any product comes from the value that the product can bring to the enterprise.