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The difference between cam divider and indexing plate-cam indexing mechanism

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Update time : 2019-08-13 22:47:02
The cam indexer and the indexing disc are two functionally and completely different components. The indexer is a mechanical transmission component in a strict sense due to the intermittent, swaying and continuous transmission functions in the automation equipment. And the indexing plate should be called the numerical control indexing plate from the perspective of mechanical use. The distinction between the two is easy to distinguish.

The structcam indexing mechanismure of the indexer is composed of a box body, a cam, an input shaft, a power output shaft, an output power turret, etc. The indexing plate belongs to a general-purpose machine tool accessory, and its structure mainly consists of a clamping portion, an indexing positioning portion and a transmission portion.
Most of the indexers are used in batch or swing drives, in the production and processing of discs or belt drives in automated machinery. The indexing disc is mainly used for milling machines. The CNC machining center is also used for drilling machines and surface grinders, while others can be placed directly on the platform for the work of scribing. The indexing plate is a machine tool attachment that clamps the workpiece on the chuck or between the two tips and rotates,