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The details of the use of the indexer

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Update time : 2019-03-23 20:40:58
The use of high-precision cam indexers in automated machinery is becoming more and more extensive. In addition to installation, use, maintenance, and maintenance, etc., there are some details that are easily overlooked. It has a big impact, so these details must be brought to the attention of engineers and technicians.
1. The placement of the cam indexer, the high-precision features make the cam indexer become delicate in every detail such as storage and transportation, because the accuracy of the Kemide indexer is as high as 0.002MM, that is to say Long-term improper placement will have a slight impact on its accuracy. Therefore, the cam indexer must be placed in the forward direction. There is a clear mark on the outer package of the indexer that is strictly prohibited from being inverted. The storage process must be paid more attention.
  2. The handling method of the cam indexer, the finished product indexer will be transmitted to the customer's hand through the logistics method. For the lighter indexer and the heavy indexer, the handling requirements must be emphasized when handling. Because, according to the strong impact or rough handling will have an impact on accuracy.
  3. During the use of the customer, special personnel must be arranged to manage the cam indexer. The maintenance, maintenance and repair of the product must be carefully prepared. The repair and inspection of the product function and precision must be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions.
The above points are the details that the high-precision cam indexer is easily overlooked by engineers and technicians during use. Unsuitable operations may cause changes in the accuracy of the cam indexer and even affect the service life. Therefore, the manufacturer needs to use it during use. Pay close attention to the details of the operation.