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Talk about the cam indexer lubrication system that is easily overlooked

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Update time : 2019-03-30 23:28:55
I believe that this topic is the subject of concern in all machinery industries. The mechanical operation is stable and the operation is continued. It is a manifestation of the great value of the production of the machine. The cam indexer is a high-frequency moving component. while the cam roller divided generating power, due to the rolling friction heat, it is necessary to cool the lubricating oil from the article lumen.
In industrial production, most of the main oils used for the lubrication of cam indexers use high-quality gear oils. Add appropriate amount of hydraulic additives to increase the strength of the grease. The contact between the cam and the roller produces rolling friction. Under the action, on the one hand, the temperature of the inner cavity is lowered, the surface of the component is increased in lubrication due to the adhesion of the oil, and the wear is reduced, and the rust is also avoided as much as possible.
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  The use of equipment must comply with the principle of maintenance, the use of cam indexer is also the same, the new factory cam indexer has been injected with new lubricants by the manufacturer, the demand for manufacturers to oil through the oil mirror before use the amount of the check, the other in the early use of the situation to be split cam lumen of regular inspections, with particular attention to whether there is leakage, abnormal sound phenomenon. for the lubrication system of inspection to be included in the daily machine inspection project , regularly replace the oil in the work cycle as required.
Every time the oil change of the cam indexer is carried out, it is necessary to check the clarity of the oil used, the iron scraps in the cavity of the cam indexer, and the integrity of the tightening screw gasket. The original dirty oil must be checked. clean up the oil filling porous cleaning before refueling, the amount of fuel to be in strict accordance with the manufacturer's user's manual for oil in the filling, not too much, too full. locking screw after filling is complete, check for oil spills case, the oil from the outside microscope. beginning of each oil change to check the temperature of the outer surface of the cam indexer before the device starts, noise inspection.
 Lubrication and maintenance cam indexer involves dismantling the body, recommended by professional engineers, manufacturers can also be referred to complete, this can ensure maintenance of effective equipment detected after each maintenance due to the simplicity of the structure of the cam indexer its maintenance and repair can easily be overlooked, so here for all those involved in the use of cam indexer engineering and technical personnel, cam indexer is a high-precision equipment division, its use, maintenance and repair must pay attention.