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Several Misunderstandings When Buyers Choose High Quality Cam Indexer Manufacturers

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Update time : 2020-02-12 16:11:18
    Choosing a high-quality cam indexer manufacturer is indeed difficult for most customers, because the information held by the supplier and the demander is asymmetric, and they do not know how to identify and choose. Generally, when choosing a cam indexer manufacturer, you will go into the following misunderstanding.
Selection of cam indexer
   1, the longer the cam indexer manufacturer is established, the better? The answer is not necessarily. Although some manufacturers have been engaged in production in this industry for many years, they do not attach importance to technological research and development, process innovation and strict quality control. You may ask why you can survive for many years? It is because in the extensive economic situation, product competition is not fierce, and everyone can survive when the economic situation is good. Once the economic situation is bad, product competition will intensify, and only cam indexer manufacturers that value technological research and development, process innovation and strict quality control can be invincible.
    2, the more expensive the cam indexer manufacturer's sales price, the better? As the saying goes, "cheap is not good", but expensive is not necessarily good. Some manufacturers sell at high prices. Where is it? Is the accessory configuration high, advanced processing technology, high-end materials or high precision? Maybe it's just that the sales price is set high; some manufacturers' sales prices are very low, we have to be wary of cam indexer manufacturers whether there is corner cutting. You should know that there is an ancestral precept that is "unprofitable but not early". Businesses want to make money. Since the price is much lower than their peers, there may be articles that cut corners.
    3. Is the propaganda and commitment of the sales staff of cam segmentation manufacturers real? Often, salespeople are overwhelmed and they promise customers unconditionally, often afterwards. In fact, it is the other departments that implement the sales staff's commitment. If the commitment exceeds the service standards of cam indexer manufacturers, their fulfillment commitments will be greatly reduced. Therefore, we must pay attention to corporate integrity and business philosophy, and at the same time judge whether their commitments are in line with actual conditions. Its commitment is best signed and sealed in writing.
    The above are a few misunderstandings in choosing a cam indexer manufacturer, and I hope to help you.