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Rotary indexing table with special mechanical properties

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Update time : 2019-09-24 22:35:10
Simple institution:
Using a convex and output turret, it does not require any unnecessary components to provide any intermittent motion required.
1. The correct transmission machinery:
When indexing or stopping, the roller is precisely fixed at the set position, so no locking components are required.
Rotary indexing table
2. Smooth movement:
Since the output of the output turret is continuously rotated at any position (whether angle, speed and/or acceleration), the transmission runs smoothly without vibration and noise.
3. High precision indexing:
Specially designed cam rollers in the splitter ensure high load capacity while maintaining high splitting accuracy and high torque. The standardization accuracy of this standard model is 30 seconds. However, higher segmentation accuracy is provided if reFquired.
4. High speed performance:
A preloading load is applied to the taper support ribs of the precision machined cam and the cam roller to completely avoid the gap generation, which makes the operation reliable and high speed. Fully controlled acceleration reduces the impact caused by load or vibration.
Indexing transmission machinery
The indexing transmission machine stops according to the following intermittent operation---indexing---stop---indexing.
Stop: The output shaft stops rotating, and the cam roller contacts the straight portion of the roller bearing cam taper support rib.
Indexing: The output shaft rotates, and the cam roller contacts the curved portion of the roller bearing cam taper support rib.