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Installation steps for automated mechanical cam indexers-orbital rotary indexing tables

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Update time : 2019-08-07 21:22:44
The cam indexer has the characteristics of high indexing precision, stable operation, large transmission torque, self-locking during positioning, compact structure, small size, low noise, high speed performance and long service life. This is also related to the installation of the cam indexer body. Relationship, the following small series first introduces the installation of the cam indexer body:
orbital rotary indexing tables
The indexer is a high-precision splitting mechanism obtained by precision machining and standard assembly adjustment. Users cannot adjust, disassemble, and reassemble themselves before using them. Make sure that there is no damage to the mounting surface of this indexer. If there is damage, use oil stone to trim. Also find the correct input and output shaft positions, fill the locating pins, and tighten the screws evenly. The indexer is subjected to pulsating load moments and the installation must be very strong. Since the vertical or parallelism of the mounting surface of the indexer relative to the input and output shafts is high, the mounting base of the device must ensure that the input and output shaft directions of the indexer are coaxial with the input and output directions required by the device. Can not be skewed or eccentric. Otherwise, it not only affects the output accuracy, but also seriously damages the indexer. Because at this time, the indexer is in an abnormally stressed state.
The installation of the cam indexer input and output shafts is also critical:
The connection related to the input and output shafts of the indexer should be rigid in the direction of rotation, without revers impact and stable rotation.
Pay attention to the connection of the turntable, sprocket, pulley, gear, flange, etc. on the input and output shafts of the indexer.
 (1) It is absolutely forbidden to hit with a hammer and irrational impact. So as not to damage the cam and needle bearing inside the divider.
(2) The input and output shafts and their extended rigid shafts cannot be unreasonably erected, and sufficient center adjustment should be performed.
(3) The input and output shafts are finished h6 grade, and the aperture is finished into H6 grade, which is ideal for press-in. Here, it is necessary to avoid the matching of the upper and lower limit deviations of the hole and the shaft. Key joins should not be too loose.
(4) When machining parts, accessories, fixtures and tools are installed, the eccentricity or step error with respect to the worktable should be eliminated by instrument detection and adjustment.
Second, the input drive system, output drive system structure and connection:
1. The driving components connected to the input shaft of the indexer are: pulley, sprocket, timing pulley, gear, coupling, and the like.
Due to the load pulsation, the camshaft torque has a positive and negative change in one week. The cam characteristic can only be exerted when the camshaft rotates at a certain speed. Therefore, the instability of the rotation of the camshaft will increase the torque applied to the indexer, which will have a bad influence on the intermittent motion. Therefore, it is not possible to use a belt that produces slip on the camshaft to generate a pulsating chain and a gear drive with a gap. Use a belt or chain to tighten. Use gears with high precision and eliminate the meshing clearance. The advantages of using the timing belt are more: synchronous with other movements; the belt and the pulley are both friction and no gap; the vibration is small, and the high speed can be realized; the large diameter pulley is used, and the flywheel has a good effect.
In general, the indexer input shaft is formed as an axis input key connection structure. During the transmission process, due to the instability of various factors and the pulsation of the driving load, it is easy to loosen the key connection and a matching clearance occurs. Make the input shaft move discontinuously and produce an impact. This not only makes the connector susceptible to damage to its internal cam and needle bearings. Therefore, carefully adjust when connecting, and check it frequently during use.