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Indexer positioning error processing method _ cam indexer accuracy-rotary indexing

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Update time : 2019-07-26 20:17:36
The accuracy of the cam indexer is mainly reflected in the repeat positioning accuracy of the indexer. This project is also the main indicator for checking the performance and quality of the indexer. It is customary to use the positive and negative seconds to represent the accuracy of the indexer. Inaccurate positioning is also the specified bit precision error is too large, generally as long as the mechanical structure of the workpiece has a certain error value, as long as it is normal within the reasonable, but if it is too large will affect the processing, so the first It is not normal to judge whether the positioning is not accurate.
rotary indexing
In the actual maintenance, first check whether the positioning error is the upper and lower error of the output shaft or the left and right error. You can install some of the following steps to check.
1. The fastening device of the output shaft mounting plate is checked: whether to lock the disc on the output shaft to check whether the positioning error is caused by looseness;
2. Check the station with a dedicated measuring instrument: check if the error between the stations on the disc is too large;
Cam indexer accuracy
3. Check the input shaft connected to the motor: Check if the bearing of the input shaft is worn, and if the oil seal on the input shaft is damaged;
4, the input motor torque is related to the quality of use and the life of the indexer, you need to constantly check whether the input motor torque is normal input, whether it is sometimes large and small;
5, it is recommended to use measurement tools often, such as the use of dial gauge to check the accuracy, to see where the problem is, the accuracy of the indexer is very important, if you can not solve it yourself, you can contact the technical staff to help repair.