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How to use multi-station cam indexer to drive the disc-index table manufacturers

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Update time : 2019-07-04 20:13:43
In the automatic production, the disc-type multi-station processing is adopted. On the one hand, from the design point of view, the design cost can be saved, and the comprehensive utilization of the drive source can be realized. On the other hand, the concentration of the production action can be largely To increase productivity, this design approach is used by almost all industrial automation designs. The multi-station rotary platform is a workpiece that needs to be processed, and multiple processes are concentrated on one platform. The rotary sequential processing method is adopted, and the clamp is installed around the disc to complete different processing tasks at different stations.
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In the case of using a cam indexer to drive the turntable, the following factors need to be considered:
1. To use the indexer to drive the disc, the diameter, thickness, weight, number of machining stations, and the moment of the station and the running time must be clarified.
2. The weight of the product, the weight of a single fixture, and the total weight of all fixtures.
3. The axial pressure generated during processing, as well as the speed at which rotation is required, is also known as the amount of radial force generated during the rotation.
4. Accuracy is also an important factor to consider. The installation of the divider will create a mounting gap between the drive source and other machines. For products with higher precision, the impact force caused by the speed of rotation will have an impact on the accuracy.