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How to design the drive system of the cam indexer-indexing gearbox

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Update time : 2019-07-05 16:31:11
The operation of the cam indexer needs to be carried out under the action of the drive source, and there are several methods for designing the drive source. Commonly used are: belt drive, direct-connected motor, sprocket drive, gear drive, coupling drive, etc.
In the automatic design, the precision of the machine is a problem that must be paid attention to.
indexing gearbox
Therefore, some factors must be considered in the selection of the driving method of the cam indexer drive source to ensure the precision. In order to reduce the influence of mechanical assembly clearance on the accuracy of the installation, the direct connection method is ideal. The input shaft end of the indexer needs to be lengthened, but in most designs, due to the special requirements of the automation system space and installation, It must be realized by another transmission method. The belt, timing belt transmission, sprocket and gear transmission requirements must be moderately tight.
There are two types of output drives for the indexer, one for direct drive and the other for indirect drive. In particular, in the case of indirect transmission, attention should be paid to the reverse impact that occurs during operation. Connection method at the output, shaft connection, flange connection, etc. Due to its own product characteristics, the connecting mechanism of the cam indexer generates a large inertia during the running, from stop to movement, and then from movement to stop, especially in the case of high speed or heavy load. The screws at the joints are prone to looseness. Therefore, when installing and using, be sure to check the eccentricity of the shaft holes and the looseness of the screws at the joints of the input and output shafts. And establish a regular inspection and maintenance system.