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How to carry out cam indexer maintenance-rotary indexing table manufacturers

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Update time : 2019-07-10 19:45:04
It is the same as all the mechanical equipment. After using it for a while, there will be problems, as is the cam indexer. To know the repair and maintenance of the cam indexer, what should be done specifically, if you do not pay attention to this problem, or do not know anything, when you really have trouble, it will delay a lot of things, and for some work, It will also delay for a long time, and more importantly, it will affect the life of the product, and at the same time, it will have a certain deviation from the quality and precision of the product.
rotary indexing table manufacturers
    In normal times, it is necessary to clean the cam divider frequently, that is, to have the debris around it disappear in time, in order to prevent some obstacles from happening. Moreover, it also has a strong protective effect on the machine.
In addition, when the cam indexer is in an abnormal vibration, it is necessary to stop the operation in time. Because it is very likely that some parts inside the machine have a big problem. Therefore, in the face of this situation, it is best to have a vigilant role in the heart, which is to ensure the life of the machine.
    The cam indexer is a kind of machine that is very helpful for the mechanical industry. The cutting of this machine can make the tool reach a good state. Therefore, the field that this indexer can be applied is very wide. Moreover, because of a space-shifting mechanism, it is said that it can perform very well when it is in operation.
    First of all, a function of the cam indexer is to realize the transportation in the direction of the circle, which is to be more convenient and to ensure that there is nothing to be missed. For the person who uses it, it is still very easy to give it to The operation is good.
   In addition, transportation in the linear direction is also a function of the cam divider. Because for many people, it is relatively simple. Moreover, because the direction is very simple, the speed will increase. In a few different ways, these features can be used very well to make a difference in a particular industry.
A principle such as a cam indexer must be followed in order to be truly repaired, and it is also very important to establish a standardized inspection system in use. The indexer is frequently used. The rotating return wheel component has more links to the drive member and the output mechanism. The solid screw is easy to loose, and more inspection is the correct way to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.