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How to adjust the gap of the rotary indexing table

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Update time : 2019-09-17 21:32:26
In the previous section, we introduced the clearance of the rotary indexing table. In theory, when the clearance between the surface of the drive cam and the needle bearing is too large, in the case of high-speed rotation, the switching point from the movement to the stop will be due to the clearance. Produced, causing impact and noise between components.
 rotary indexing table
During the movement of the rotary indexing table, the input cam and the needle bearing on the turret are always in a state of engagement and do mechanical linear motion. Therefore, when a gap is generated between the members, the mode of motion changes from linear to non-linear because The output mechanism of the splitter has a preload, and the tapered bearings on the upper and lower sides are clamped. In this case, the gap can be adjusted by adjusting the axial distance of the rotary indexing table to eliminate the gap. Take a fine-tuning method and adjust the side for rotation test and measurement.
In the automatic design, the splitter is the preferred of the rotary drive because it satisfies the accuracy requirements and can simultaneously satisfy the rigidity. The main follower always maintains the state of the snap and preload, and in the movement of the rotary indexing table, The impact force of the meshing is kept to a minimum, the rolling contact action between the cam and the needle bearing, the larger procedure reduces the friction and wear, and the service life is extended. The structure of the tapered bearing is adopted at both ends of the input shaft and the output shaft, and the shaft of the splitter Effective support is provided to the force. The output mechanism is always in such preload condition regardless of stop and movement, thus ensuring the accuracy of the splitter.
The input cam rib position in the rotary indexing table cooperates with the movement of the needle bearing. In the pre-installation, intermittent and interference may occur. Most of the methods are to grind and correct the cam, and also to roll the follower. The needle bearing is fine-tuned. Since the operation will affect the transmission and accuracy of the entire splitter, it is recommended that such operation be performed by an experienced engineer.