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How is the cam indexer driven?index of cam

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Update time : 2019-08-02 23:58:49
There are many kinds of driving methods for the cam indexer. In the selection, the driving method can be set according to actual needs, such as space, precision and other conditions. Then the specific cam indexer can be divided into the following two ways:
index of cam
1. Direct drive.
2. Indirect transmission. Indirect transmission should try to avoid revers impact.
The structure connected to the indexer output has the following types:
1. Dock with the shaft through the flange or sleeve.
2. The shaft hole is matched by a key.
3. The connection between the flanges.
Due to the intermittent nature of the output, from rest to motion, from motion to rest, the inertia force is large. In addition, the fitting clearance of the connecting member tends to cause looseness between the output end and the connecting member. Causes the forward or lag of the output transmission member to generate vibration. This not only reduces the output accuracy, but also severely damages the indexer and its internal cam and needle bearings.
Here, pay attention to the following points:
1. The clearance between the hole and the shaft should not be too large, and the key connection should not be too loose.
2. The shaft and the shaft are butted, and the connection between the flanges cannot be eccentric or skewed to ensure the coaxiality.
3. Flange connection plus unloading nails and tighten with bolts.