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How is the 360 ​​degree drive angle splitter used?

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Update time : 2019-06-03 21:28:34
In order to enable the transmission of the automation system to realize the function of intermittent stop and stop, the indexing characteristics of the splitter output will be fully utilized, and the operation cycle of the automation system will be completed by the rotation and stop action cycles. The driving angle used is usually 90 degrees. Many types of 330 degrees, in actual applications, depending on the operating speed, load, etc., determine the size of the drive angle.
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The size of the indexing angle comes from the number of working digits required. For the driving angle of the input shaft, the larger the stability will be, especially for the high-speed operation of the automation system, the impact force of the input cam on the moving stop will occur. Mechanical shock, which causes the whole system driven by the splitter to generate vibration, which cannot be avoided by any mechanical equipment, but the amplitude of the size is different. The large driving angle is in operation, the contact surface of the curved surface movement is increased, and the consumption is consumed. Power switching due to inertia. In the actual high-speed operation, the excessive driving angle will also affect the speed. This requires careful calculation of the splitter selection, which not only ensures stability, but also does not cause the entire system to run. influences. Therefore, whether the splitter will shake when it is running is also a common factor that distinguishes high-quality brand splitters.
We sometimes find that a 360-degree drive angle is used in the automation system application splitter, and this also uses a higher precision servo motor. In fact, the splitter has become an advanced reducer. It cannot be said that this design is more sophisticated. On the one hand, the positioning accuracy of the servo motor is higher than that of the splitter. On the other hand, combined with the stability of the splitter operation, why not use the planetary or right-angle reducer directly because of deceleration? The machine is not able to achieve the advantages of splitter load and torque. The reducer and splitter are different types in the machinery industry. It is possible to comprehensively utilize the advantages of both, and it should also have great wisdom. However, such a design The cost will be larger. Most industrial automation drive splitters and ordinary gear reducers are sufficient.