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How does the intermittent cam indexer select the motor model and reduction ratio?rotary indexer

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Update time : 2019-07-29 21:31:17
The cam indexer can only be operated under the action of the driving source. In actual use, according to the cost, space, precision and special requirements, under normal circumstances, the ordinary gear reducer can fully satisfy the indexer. Normal operation, in addition, some companies use stepper motors and servo motors. Then, which method is more suitable as the motor connected to the drive source when connecting to the indexer?
From the principle of the cam indexer, from the perspective of ensuring the accuracy itself, under the condition of normal connection, the accuracy of the indexer is not affected by the external, so the connection mode has little effect on the use of the indexer, of course, for some High-precision automation systems, the connection method will have some subtle effects, for example, the direct connection of the motor and the indexer will be different from the way of connecting through the belt. Then the connection method we are talking about is based on the pre-space of the automation system design and other factors, the way the indexer is connected to the drive source.
rotary indexer
The way the cam indexer is directly connected to the motor horizontally, this connection method is used more, like the multi-station disc type automation system, the space under the disc is more abundant, most of them will make a special design when designing. The mounting base, due to the direct connection, is directly connected by the motor and the indexer. Most of the motors use the function of the governor. Thus, the input shaft of the indexer is longer than the standard size. The standard design, the advantage of direct connection is that the loss of precision is less, there is not too much connection link, in addition, the indexer and the motor can be effectively fixed, the stability of use will be better. Therefore, there are many applications for automated systems with fewer simple stations.
The way the cam indexer is directly connected to the motor is similar to the horizontal direct connection. The difference is that the use of this method is mainly due to the narrow position of the upper part of the automation system, except for the indexer installation. In this way, most of the designs will also place the lower device in the box. On the one hand, from the perspective of safety of use, on the other hand, it will also shield the noise of some motors.
The way the indexer is connected horizontally to the motor is also the basic design requirement. It is also called the indirect connection method. Most of the automation systems use the timing belt and the synchronous wheel for transmission, provided that the indexer and the indexer are used. The motor is fixed, and the synchronous wheel is mounted on the input shaft of the indexer and the output shaft of the motor, and the synchronous belt is used for transmission. This way of using is more, because in part from the perspective of cost control, in addition, the standard indexer The input shaft can be controlled, which is a good choice in terms of stability and subsequent use and maintenance.
The vertical connection mode of the indexer and the motor, the input shaft of the cam indexer and the motor are connected with a connecting plate in a vertical manner, and the connection method is to fix the cam indexer on the platform, and the whole motor is mounted on the fixed platform. Below, the transmission is carried out by the synchronous wheel and the timing belt, so that the space is reduced and the noise is also reduced.