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Detailed description of the cam indexer structure-obital cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-07-24 21:35:41
The structure of the cam divider is relatively simple, but its technicality is relatively strong, especially in some high-precision production fields, such as mobile phones, electronic components and other industries, its detailed component structure is as follows:
The main function of the box is to combine the various mechanisms of the indexer to complete all the mechanical actions of the indexer, and to provide input shaft hole, shaft output shaft hole, oil mirror hole, exhaust hole, etc. Handling, sturdy and screw holes for installation, etc. The box is mainly made by casting and is put into use after finishing milling.
obital cam indexer
The input shaft, the divider itself is a component, its function can only be played under the driving condition, and the input shaft acts as the medium for the motor drive cam, and the drive source is fixed by the key connection.
The indexing cam, the indexing cam and the input shaft are combined as a whole, and the intermittent indexer acts under the action of the drive. The cam is completed by a complex curved surface, which is also the main technical part of the indexer, the processing technology of the cam, The use of materials, procedures, and processing equipment can affect factors such as the accuracy and service life of the divider.
The output turret is matched with the input shaft to complete the mechanical action, and at the same time, the mechanical force is transmitted to the output shaft. The output yoke is equipped with a needle bearing, and the needle bearing is in contact with the indexing cam to complete the core action of the indexer drive. . Due to the frequent movement of the needle roller bearings, the material requirements are strict, and the wear resistance and impact resistance are good.
The output shaft, as the output mechanism, the main function of the output shaft is to have the output of the intermittent mechanical action of the indexer, the output shaft also belongs to the combination of the mechanism, and the stability of the installation and use, the indexer will adopt the output shaft and The flange face combines with the output.
The structure of the cam indexer is relatively simple, but due to the accuracy requirements, the processing technology of each unit mechanism is strict, and the assembly of the finished product of the indexer must undergo strict technical control.