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Delimiter accuracy and repeatability definition and indexer precision adjustment method-rotary indexer manufacturer

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Update time : 2019-08-09 21:18:14
The intermittent cam indexer is a very high precision transmission mechanism. The unit of the indexer accuracy is the angle second. The name of the cam indexer explains the angle seconds. What is the specific segmentation accuracy and repeatability?
The segmentation accuracy is the mechanical precision of the divider itself, and is affected by mechanical parts such as internal cams, needle bearings, indexing plates, etc., and assembly and debugging of workers. The segmentation accuracy is only the angle second. The standard indexer divider accuracy is ±30′′, and the high-precision and special-spec cam indexer products can achieve high precision of ±10′′. Repeatability refers to the intermittent indexer. After running one turn from 0 o'clock, it returns to the deviation distance after the 0 o'clock position. This deviation distance refers to the repeat accuracy, and the unit is also the angle second. This precision greatly affects the quality of the products produced and processed by the machine. If the accuracy is not high, the product defect rate will be too high.
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The positioning of the intermittent indexer is accurate, and it has accurate positioning in both the divided area and the stationary area. No other fixed components are needed, and any determined dynamic and static ratio and number of divisions can be realized. The following is the adjustment accuracy of the intermittent indexer. Method introduction:
      One of the major factors affecting the segmentation accuracy life of the intermittent indexer is the adjustment. The intermittent cutters are manufactured by carefully assembling the finely machined parts. Improper adjustment will affect the intermittent cutting accuracy, presenting impact, noise, and damage to the intermittent cutter without the expected speed and bearing capacity. Then shorten the life of the intermittent cutter. Adjustment of the inter-shaft spacing If the intermittent cutter is used for a long period of time and wear, and the intermittent cutter presents a gap in the positioning work area, the gap is eliminated by adjusting the spacing between the shafts. This can be done by simultaneously adjusting the eccentric sleeves on both ends of the input shaft.
In the process of dividing the intermittent indexer, if the component is found to be deformed, the revers deformation method should be adopted, so that the component can be fixed on the cast iron platform of the indexer, so that the component can be controlled to be deformed, and no longer It has become more serious. Next, hammering the intermediate weld bead with a small hammer can stabilize the rigidity of the work clamp. In order to prevent the component from continuing to deform, it is supported by a tube or a profiled steel in the diameter direction of the divider to prevent deformation.