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Control method for assembling rotary indexing and motor

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Update time : 2019-04-11 20:07:13
The rotary indexing itself has the splitter-driven splitting function. Under the premise of using the motor as the power source, in order to achieve more precise use parameters and technical requirements, there must be related auxiliary facilities for control. The detailed equipment has the following types: Inverter control, clutch control, brake control, motor start and stop control, photoelectric induction control, PLC control, on/off control, etc.
Inverter control: It is to adjust the frequency of the inverter to change the speed of the motor. According to the formula of the motor speed: n=(1-s)*60f/p
Where: n---motor speed
 s---motor slip
 f---Power frequency
 p---motor magnetic pole pairs
In combination with the rotary indexing, some manufacturers use the variable frequency speed control motor directly as the variable frequency motor, which is the collective name of the motor driven by the inverter. In fact, the motor designed for the inverter is a special motor for frequency conversion. The motor can realize different speed and torque under the drive of the inverter to adapt to the change of load demand. In addition, the segmentation characteristics of the cam divider can achieve production and technology. Usage requirements.
Clutch control of the splitter: The clutch is a control device that is "on" or "off" between the motor and the machine being driven. For example, an engine-clutch-transmission mechanism, the use of the clutch is when the motor is frequently started and stopped. In order to protect the motor and transmission mechanism, it is more convenient to operate auxiliary spare parts.
index of drive
Brake control in the rotary indexing: The brake control we refer to is the motor with brake function, which is usually braked by the axial friction disc of the conical rotor of the motor. The micro motor is braked by an additional brake, micro motor The brakes are divided into spring and permanent magnets. When assembling with the rotary indexing, it is necessary to fully consider the production demand parameters, combined with the relevant technical requirements of the manufacturer.
Controlling the start and stop of the splitter with the start and stop of the motor means setting the start or stop of the motor to a single switch and multiple switches to achieve the purpose of stopping. This method is generally not used because, for the rotary indexing product In terms of frequency, the frequency and rhythm of the start will cause damage to the motor.
In the assembly of the rotary indexing and the motor, the on/off control is rarely used in the automation, and it can only be used in combination with other control auxiliary components.
  Later, let's talk about PLC control. The rotary indexing and motor are only a part of the PLC control system. Because PLC is a whole control system, the system is commanded to complete a production process. The PLC control system is in the traditional sequence controller. Based on the introduction of microelectronics, computer technology, automatic control technology and communication technology, a new generation of industrial control devices is used to replace the relay, logic, timing, counting and other sequential control functions to establish flexible program control. system. It has the characteristics of strong versatility, convenient use, wide adaptability, high reliability, strong anti-interference ability and simple programming.