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Causes of indexing gearbox clearance

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Update time : 2019-09-16 20:31:40
There are many ways of mechanical transmission. The cam cutter belongs to one of them. The input cam with complex curved structure drives the needle bearing mounted on the output turret for the split motion. Due to the special structure of the cam, its own belt It has a self-locking function, and its operational stability is beyond the reach of any other similar products. However, even if the combination between any of the components is quite precise, there is still a gap, but the size is different.
indexing gearbox
The interval of the indexing gearbox mainly has the following points:
1. The error generated by each sub-component during the machining process, in terms of the cam processing of the splitter, different machining operations, different personnel operations will have some differences, although the cam for some imported materials uses special processing. The program, each processing will also make a difference because of the conditions.
2. The splitter will also produce different errors during the assembly process. Some of our less familiar engineers will have problems in using the splitter, and the splitter will be disassembled by itself. Unfortunately, most of them will be disassembled. It can't be installed back, because the installation and adjustment of the splitter is technical. Therefore, regardless of the internal components of the splitter, or the drive components that are connected to the splitter during use, different gaps are created, which we call assembly and adjustment errors.
3. The components in use will have gaps due to mutual wear, which is common to all mechanical uses, even if the cam of the splitter makes a point and linear contact with the needle bearing for rolling friction, but the resulting Wear still exists, whether it is for convex or needle roller.
4. The oil used for cooling and lubrication in the divider will also occupy a certain space in the divider as a medium, which may be extremely small, but there will also be a certain gap.
5. Any mechanical movement generates heat at the same time as kinetic energy is transmitted. The splitter is also the same. With the cooling oil, the temperature rises with the high-speed operation of the member, resulting in mechanical clearance.
6. Similar to the above reasons, in the splitter member, due to the difference in the thermal coefficient of the material used, a gap is also generated in the case of heat.