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Causes and treatment methods of cam indexer transmission angle offset

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Update time : 2019-05-10 20:27:26
In the use of cam indexer, there are more and more application cases for disc drive. For multi-station drive, the guarantee of repeated positioning accuracy is a factor of the quality of the indexer. It is used and used in a certain period. After that, the angle of the indexer disc will shift. Today, Xiaobian gives you a detailed analysis of the indexer angle offset. Cam divider
The offset of the angle of the indexer refers to the difference between the angle of rotation and the expected angle of rotation due to various factors during the rotation of the indexer. Of course, based on the repeatability of the indexer, it has reached a relatively high level. Accuracy, ±30arc-sec is a relatively small arc unit, even in such cases, there will be angular deviations in the intermittent stay, but the range of the deviation is within the allowable range. Then, when the deviation is too large and exceeds the range of use of the disc rotation, the entire drive system needs to be reconfirmed and debugged.
The deviations generated in the use of the cam indexer are analyzed in two ways:
First, the automatic drive system is not put into use, after the deviation after the commissioning, first of all, we need to exclude the cause of the indexer, 1. The cam installation angle of the cam indexer is offset, that is The input cam driving angle of the indexer is not in the same position as the driving angle of the signal cam; 2. The driving angle of the signal cam is incorrectly selected, that is, when the driving angle of the indexer is 270 degrees, and the signal cam is selected to be 240 degrees. Etc. or other angles. 3. The output shaft of the indexer and the mounting screw of the drive disc are loose; 4. The installation angle of the disc is offset from the rotation angle of the indexer; 4. The signal cam device is loosely installed; 5. The induction due to current and the like The signal transmission of the switch is abnormal.
Second, another reason is that after the indexer is used for a period of time, there is a deviation between the rotation angle of the disc and the indexer. Here, the same reason as the previous one is that the offset size has exceeded the repeated positioning. Outside the allowable range of precision, the machining of the workpiece has been affected. 1. The wear of the internal components of the cam indexer causes an angular offset; 2. The screw at the joint of the disc and the indexer is loose; 3. The indexer The signal cam or the inductive switch is offset; 4. The signal effect of the inductive switch of the indexer.
The above is the analysis of the cause of the angular shift of the cam indexer drive disc, then what should be done in the above situation?
1. For the induction drive system of the cam indexer, the photoelectric induction switch and the signal cam are mainly used. In the case that the photoelectric sensor switch has no abnormality, the installation of the signal cam is particularly important. Under normal circumstances, the correct method of signal cam installation Yes, the keyway of the input shaft of the indexer is aligned with the keyway of the signal cam; in addition, there is a mounting method in which the keyway of the indexer input shaft and the keyway of the signal cam are diagonally mounted;
2. The angle selection of the signal cam is inconsistent with the driving angle of the input shaft of the indexer. The driving angle of the input shaft is specific, and the angle of the signal cam is installed outside the indexer. Therefore, when installing the signal cam, After measuring the driving angle with a measuring tool, install it again;
3. The output shaft of the cam indexer or the flange surface and the mounting screws of the disc are loose, and the mounting screws of the indexer are more, and it is necessary to perform regular check and firmness on all the installation parts;
4. The signal cam and the inductive switch should also be checked regularly to see if the installation position is loose;
5. The influence of the current of the induction switch on the signal transmission needs to be measured by the electrician using professional measuring instruments, and the abnormal situation needs to be repaired and modified;
6. For a indexer that uses a certain period of time, after confirming the above items, there is still a slight offset, and it is necessary to check and confirm the wear of the internal mechanism of the indexer.
In short, the angle shift of the indexer is one of the common faults in use. Most of the cases are caused by improper use of the measures during the installation and commissioning process. Therefore, as an engineering technician, it is necessary to combine the actual operation of the machine. The situation, the cause of the offset is analyzed, and then the corresponding countermeasures are taken.