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Can the motor control the drive angle of the indexer?

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Update time : 2019-06-23 16:35:36
Recently, there is a question about how to use the motor to control the driving angle of the cam indexer. The question is a bit fuzzy, but it can be reviewed from two aspects.
First of all, the indexer drive angle of the cam indexer is fixed. For the indexer of the intermittent stop, the motor cannot control the drive angle. The structure of the indexer input cam is fixed. The angle of repose is in a self-locking state, and the driving angle is in the process of segmentation, and the position of the actual automatic operation of the station must be the same. Otherwise, the uniform time of the turntable and the position of the station cannot be achieved. In actual use, the way to achieve motor control is done through the sensing system of the indexer. The rotation state of the signal cam and the input shaft of the indexer is the same, and the signal is transmitted to the motor through the photoelectric switch, and the dynamic stop of the motor controls the movement of the indexer.
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The fact that the motor is used to control the drive is the 360-degree drive angle for the indexer. Most of them use servo or stepper motors. In this case, the indexer essentially becomes an advanced reducer. The servo motor and the stepping motor are all driven by the pulse, which is also its unique function. In a single system, the servo and stepper drive can complete the control of the indexer.
However, in the case of a drive angle of less than 360 degrees, the servo or stepping does not affect the operation of the indexer, because the structure of the indexer determines that its accuracy and dynamic stop are not affected by any drive device. This is what we said, the indexer is in use, as long as the ordinary gear reduction motor can fully meet the requirements of use.