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Cam indexer removal method-globoidal cam indexer

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Update time : 2019-07-14 18:15:17
The use of the cam indexer mainly relies on the rotation of the input shaft to drive the output turret to work. Whether the input shaft is broken or the output shaft is faulty, the use of the indexer will be affected. If the warranty period of the product is not recommended, the cam indexer is not recommended. Disassembly and repair, it is a good choice for the professional engineers of the manufacturer to disassemble. So, how should the cam indexer be disassembled?
globoidal cam indexer
1. First remove the cam indexer from the installed machine, clean and handle the appearance, open the oil hole, and let off the cooling oil in the cavity;
2. The input shaft position of the indexer has mounting screw holes. First remove the oil seal, then the input shaft can be removed. After the combination of the input shaft and the cam is removed, the internal mechanism can be seen.
3. The needle bearing of the entire output system assembly member is mounted on the output shaft, that is, the bearing in the vertical horizontal plane;
4, loosen the screw of the output shaft, and then remove the output shaft, you can clean and check the relevant parts;
5. When installing back, be sure to note that there must be no foreign objects inside the divider;
6. After installation, manually turn the input shaft down and try to see if there is any abnormality.
7. After the final inspection, there is no abnormal situation, then add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil.
  The disassembly and installation of the cam indexer is recommended by professionals, especially the installation. Because it involves the next step of use, the indexer needs to be rotated and adjusted during the installation process. This requires some experience to be better.