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Cam indexer drive angle

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Update time : 2019-04-28 20:04:15
The cam indexer is more and more widely used in the automation industry. With the emergence of some products that can replace the function of the intermittent indexer, there are certain program divisions in this industry. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, in heavy load, Under the conditions of large diameter and high speed, the stability and low cost advantages of the cam indexer are unmatched by any other related mechanical transmission products.
Then, in the selection of the cam indexer, many people have a vague concept about the driving angle of the cam indexer. It is generally believed that the driving angle of the cam indexer is the angle formed by the output shaft of the indexer during the output rotation process. A wrong concept. Firstly, the driving angle of the indexer refers to the angle of rotation of the input shaft, and points out the degree of the force axis formed from the A station to the B station when the force shaft is rotated by one station, and the input shaft is formed under the division motion. The movement "sounds more abstract. In the case of a cycle of the indexer movement, the input shaft rotates 360 degrees, and the output shaft rotates a station. In this circular motion, the input shaft performs a continuous rotation, and the output shaft does The intermittent action, that is, the two movements of the movement and the stop, the angle formed by the movement of the input shaft during the cycle of the output shaft, this angle is what we call the driving angle.
After understanding the driving angle of the cam indexer, you will understand that even with indexers with the same number of stations, there are different driving angles. In the same way, in the case of the same driving angle, the rotation angle of the output shaft is not necessarily the same. Therefore, in the selection work, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the engineer performs the parameter calculation or the selection parameter. To clarify the concept of driving angles. Therefore, we recommend that the batch indexer be select as much as possible with professional manufacturers. At the same time, it is more appropriate to adopt a customized solution, because tailoring will make the mechanical performance of the automation to a better state.