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Cam indexer constant velocity curve

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Update time : 2019-05-20 20:47:46
The displacement standard curve of the indexer mainly involves three types, the acceleration curve (deformation table curve, expressed by MT), the deformation sinusoid (represented by MS), and the deformation velocity curve (indicated by MCV50).
The symbols in the curve are as follows: Vm represents the maximum speed, Am represents the maximum acceleration, Jm represents the maximum jitter, and the representation of the entire curve is the case where the indexer cam rotates 360 degrees (one rotation), related The state of the speed type curve motion and the acceleration.
Indexer acceleration curve
The curve in the above figure is the acceleration curve of the indexer cam. The process of Am acceleration takes a long time in the whole running cycle, and the maximum acceleration curve of Vm in the middle is steeper, indicating that the speed of the indexer cam is faster during the running. Therefore, this type of curve is suitable for use in a high-speed indexer, and the load it can withstand is light.
Indexer deformation sinusoid
The sinusoidal deformation is the most common type of the three curves. From the display in the graph, the overall curve tends to be smooth and stable. The change of velocity from acceleration to velocity is a relatively smooth process. In the operation, this kind of curve is suitable for both medium speed operation and high speed operation, and it can be suitable for medium load above load, so it is used for import and domestic indexer like Kemide indexer and other brands. The curve of the indexer cam is the mainstream of the industry.
Deformation velocity curve
According to the state of the curve, it can be seen that it is suitable for indexer cams with low speed and heavy load. The curve from Am to Vm changes steeply, indicating that the switch from maximum acceleration to maximum speed is large. On the other hand, the indexer cam operates at a slower speed, which makes the speed and motion performance stable under heavy load conditions.