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Cam indexer application,Rotary ring,Rotary stage

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Update time : 2019-10-08 14:10:52
The use of cam indexers is becoming more and more widely. In addition to the fields we originally knew, it is now extended to many places, such as: jewelry screening automation equipment, fishing gear automated production equipment, lock core automated production equipment and so on.
Rotary ring,Rotary stage
The core component of these devices is the cam indexer, which converts continuous operation into intermittent motion and continuously deepens and optimizes for efficient production. The use of automated production is an inevitable trend in today's social development.
First, the improvement of production efficiency is always on the road. The ways to improve efficiency are: prolonging working hours and faster production per unit time. Workers are difficult to manage in the production process, and many people are more difficult to manage. The automation of the cam indexer solves the difficult management situation and improves the work efficiency. The qualification rate of one product is higher, and the output of the second product is also improved.
Second, some of the conditions of work are hard and bad. Let us look at the quality of jewellery. If we look at it with the naked eye, it is manpower. People’s eyes are very easy to fatigue, and the quality standards of jewellery are different. Wrong judgment. The cam indexer automation equipment is completed by taking pictures, which is not only fast, but also standard and efficient.
Third, labor costs continue to increase. For industries, especially handicrafts, which require a large amount of labor, non-transformation is basically a dead end, so the times require you to achieve industrial automation production. If you don't go to transformation, you will only be eliminated and you have no choice. Under such circumstances, we will see who will design an automated production equipment with advantages to achieve industrial automation.
    In short, the use of cam indexers is too wide, only you can't think of it, you can't do it. Master the principles, features, and functions of the cam indexer to make good use of it, bringing the results you want.