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Advantages of the input shaft at both ends of the cam indexer,

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Update time : 2019-06-19 20:14:00
Most cam indexers are equipped with input shafts on the T-face and U-face. In special cases, non-standard production is installed on one side of the input shaft according to actual needs. What are the advantages of installing the input shaft at both ends of the cam indexer? 
rotary cam indexer
1. Easy to install and use. In the early stage of the standard design of the cam indexer, the input shaft is installed on two sides. In practical applications, one side of the input shaft is used to install the drive motor that drives the indexer, and the other side In order to match the rhythm of the entire automation system, the induction transmission device is installed. Since the input shafts of both ends belong to the same axis, in the control aspect, the sensing signal of the dynamic stop will be more accurate, and the light sense is automated to the PLC. The control system transmits signals, the control system calculates and issues control commands, and the whole process is a relatively fast process. Even so, there is a delay, especially for high-speed operation of the automation system, the speed of the input shaft per minute reaches 600 to 800 RPM. More than ten rpm, each step needs to be optimized. Some induction systems are also mounted on the output shaft or disc, and it is also possible to have low accuracy requirements.
2. Combination or multi-stage design is flexible, the indexer is installed on both sides of the input shaft, and the design of one drive motor to realize multiple motion transmission is flexible. In the automation system, it is often seen that one motor can realize multiple transmission actions. In this case, the input shaft of the cam indexer acts as a drive shaft while acting as a drive shaft, and can also perform other mechanical action transmissions in the case of driving the indexer. Effectively ensure the full use of energy, and also a good result for the space and cost savings in the design.
3. In the case of the input shaft of the two ends of the cam indexer, the drive motor can be mounted on both sides of the input shaft. In addition to ensuring normal use, the motor installation method is also flexible for future system maintenance or drive direction change.