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Advantages of the cam indexer itself-rotary index drive

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Update time : 2019-08-08 22:25:01
Indexers have been widely used in various industries of automation. On the one hand, due to the increase of labor costs, on the other hand, automated machinery has become the trend of industrial machinery development. In general, high-speed indexers are much more efficient than manual ones. Effectively reduce the cost of employees, reduce the pressure on most small and medium-sized enterprises, and bring greater value to the enterprise. How to use automated machinery to make manual labor become mechanical simplification, how does the indexer play its advantage in it?
 rotary index drive
 In general, the indexer input shaft is formed as an axis input key connection structure. During the transmission process, due to the instability of various factors and the pulsation of the driving load, it is easy to loosen the key connection and a matching clearance occurs. Make the input shaft move discontinuously and produce an impact. This not only makes the connector susceptible to damage to its internal cam and needle bearings. Therefore, carefully adjust when connecting, and check it frequently during use.
 For components with static and dynamic functions, it is necessary to determine the transmission mode. In the case of rotating discs with different loads and each disc processing machine, since the indexer itself has a large vertical mirror, if you want the shaft There is no pressure, then you need to use the face plate design in the output shaft. For some light and thin machining components, we can make the sliding cheap setting, carry out the non-pneumatic noise, go beyond the heat treatment of the stepper servo motor, and be stabilized by lubrication. After that, the probability of failure of the entire indexer can tend to zero. A combination of simplification, manufacturing rigor.
 The indexer itself is controlled by a computer program, in which the internal cam is also operated according to the set curve, and can be accurately positioned during the acceleration process, so that the cumulative tolerance can be avoided, why the indexer is in the process The failure rate will be lower, it is for this reason.
 The indexer also comes with a pneumatic manipulator for automatic loading, which reduces the workload and automates more work. The built-in station turntable enables intermittent movement of components, and multiple stations simultaneously test different parameters. Because this is the process of including synchronization, open distance and overtravel.
 The mechanical nature of the indexer and its own structural characteristics make it extremely stable in its production application. Compared with other similar types of transmission equipment, it is simple in terms of use, longevity and cost. It has a great advantage, and this is also the reason why the divider machine has been inherited for decades.