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Shenzhen High Precision Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in researching, developing and selling high precision cam indexers. While providing high performance products for customers, Shenzhen High Precision Automation Technology Co., Ltd. devotes itself to solving the problems of customer automatic transmission product selection and driving scheme design, helping customer manufacturers to improve production efficiency, and becoming the trusted cooperation of customers. With the increasing pursuit of automation, high speed and precision in modern industry, our products are widely used in electric light source equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, printing machinery, food packaging and filling machinery, tobacco machinery, glass and ceramics machinery, automatic feeding mechanism, machine tool automatic tool changing mechanism, electronic and electrical automatic loading. Equipped with production lines, LED equipment, paint spraying equipment, bottle cap equipment, welding and riveting high cycle equipment, etc., are ideal functional components of various automation equipment that need to convert continuous operation into step-by-step action. High precision automatic divider cams are manufactured by imported materials, carburizing and grinding technology and imported horizontal machining centers. It has self-locking function, high segmentation accuracy, smooth operation, high-speed intermittent transmission, large transmission torque, long structural tightness and other notable characteristics. It is an ideal product to replace slot wheel mechanism, ratchet mechanism, incomplete gear mechanism and other intermittent mechanisms.

In order to meet the market demand of automatic transmission, Shenzhen High Precision Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has also cooperated with Taiwan, Japan and other co-manufacturers to introduce hollow rotary platforms and direct drive motors to further realize high precision, high torque, multi-station and stopping at any point on the basis of intermittent rotary drive of the divider. Chemical transmission.

Shenzhen High Precision Automation Technology Co., Ltd., adhering to the business philosophy of "Quality is the life of the enterprise", takes creating greater value for customers as the development policy, meets customer needs, innovates constantly, conforms to the trend, and is willing to become the most trusted partners and friends with customers in various industries, making friends with business and reaching the world sincerely.

CAMDEX brand history
1. Original company name: Guicheng Tanzi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
2. In 1998, Hong Kong Tongchang Glass Machinery Factory under the name of Mr. Chen Ronggen, the founder of our company, became the general agent of Tanzi Precision Machinery in Hong Kong and China. In the same year, Guicheng Tanzi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in Guangdong. All marketing was handed over to the pool. Sub-fine machine delegated personnel to handle.
3. In April 2002, Mr. Chen Ronggen established Tanzi Precision Machinery (Anqiu) Co., Ltd. to officially produce TANTZU high-precision roller cam splitter in Weifang, Shandong, China. In the same year, “Guicheng Tanzi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.” was cancelled.
4. In November 2003, Tanzi Precision Machinery (Anqiu) Co., Ltd. and Guicheng Tanzi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. negotiated with Taiwan Tanzi Seiki to terminate the cooperative relationship.
5.In 2006, Tanzi Precision Machinery (Anqiu) Co., Ltd. registered trademark of CAMDEX cam intermittent divider, replacing TANTZU high-precision roller cam divider for domestic and international marketing.
6.December 2007 Mr. Chen Yuhui (son of Mr. Chen Ronggen) established "Kemde Machinery Co., Ltd." in Guangdong with the aim of moving the production of Shandong Tanzi back to Guangdong, which is advantageous for production and marketing.