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The cam indexing device is a mechanism for achieving intermittent movement, and has the advantages of high indexing precision, stable operation, large transmission torque, self-locking during positioning, compact structure, small volume, low noise, high speed performance, long service life, etc. Ideal for traditional mechanisms such as mechanisms, ratchet mechanisms, incomplete gear mechanisms, and pneumatic control mechanisms.
This product is widely used in pharmaceutical machinery, automatic feeding mechanism of presses, food packaging machinery, glass machinery, ceramic machinery, tobacco machinery, filling machinery, printing machinery, electronic machinery, automatic tool changer in machining center, etc. Stepping action on various automated machines.
Its mechanical structure: an input shaft driven by a motor, a cam pair, an output shaft or a flange. A turntable for mounting a load such as a workpiece and a positioning jig is mounted on the output shaft.
The cam indexer is structurally a kind of space cam indexing mechanism, and the following functions are mainly realized in various types of automatic machines:
1. Intermittent conveying in the circumferential direction
2. Intermittent conveying in the direction of the line
3, swing drive manipulator